PDAExtreme PDA/Mobile Phone Accessories Reviewed

PDAExtreme’s accessories offer retractable and portable cables for your mobile phone or personal digital assistant (PDA). 

These cables are affordable and are great for mobile professionals on the go.


PDAExtreme.com is an online store dedicated to providing accessories for your PDA or mobile phone. If you are looking for accessories such as cases, cables, screen protectors, bluetooth devices, etc., they have wide range of products available for your device. They provided us with some samples of typical accessories available for most devices. In this review, we look at several of these accessories specifically for the Palm Treo 650.

Sync/Charge Cable

The sync/charge cable is different than the typical cable that comes with your PDA or mobile phone. The main reason you would want to buy this product is because it is a retractable cable. In its most compact form, it is about the size of a keychain. 

This makes it easy to put in your pocket, to carry with you, and to not have to worry about wires being tangled or twisted. To use the cable, just plug one end into the USB port of your laptop computer and plug the other end into your device (in this case, a Treo 650). After that, the device will charge and you can sync your device with your laptop. When extended, this cable extends over 3 feet long and is plenty to connect between your computer and PDA/phone. It really doesn’t get any simpler than this. People who find tangling wires very annoying will definitely enjoy this product.


What makes PDAExtreme’s accessories unique is that they are modular. Suppose you want to charge your PDA or phone in the car. In this case, you would typically need to have another cable that can plug into your car outlet. PDAExtreme’s solution keeps things simple. Rather than having to look for another cable, you just need to plug in the car adapter connector to the sync/charge cable. Just plug the USB end into the car adapater, and you are now able to charge your device in the car. The same is true if you want to charge your device in an outlet. Just remove car adapter and plug in the other adapter and you are all set.

Stereo Headphones

The stereo headphones follows the same concepts and offers a retractable solution for headphones. The only thing I did not like about this is that it has the smaller 2.5mm plug and this can only be used to listen to music. I would like to see a solution that is capable of being a headset and headphones. 


PDAExtreme offers a unique combination of accessories for your phone or PDA. If you want a sync/charge cable along with the chargers, they can typically be purchased in a kit for less than $20. This is a reasonable price that is well worth it if you want to have cables which are portable and are less likely to be tangled up. I would definitely recommend the sync/charge cable as well as the charger adapaters. Be sure to also check out PDAExtreme’s other accessories such as cases, styluses, screen protectors, and bluetooth acccessories. I’m sure you will find at least something that will fit your needs.

-Retractable feature
-modular design
-good extendable length
-specific to a device
-cable is a bit thin