WebIs Announces Pocket Informant for the BlackBerry

WebIs just announced an edition of Pocket Informant for the BlackBerry.

Here are some details from their Press Release today.

 We are proud to announce the release of one of our most anticipated titles: Pocket Informant for the BlackBerry. Pocket Informant is the next generation in Personal Daily Management for the BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile. Some of the reviews we have for Pocket Informant for BlackBerry say:

  • In the built-in PIM, tasks are nearly impossible to use in any normal fashion, and yet with PIBB, someone who is a proponent of the GTD system can use the Tasks implementation very effectively.”
  • “The Agenda view gives me everything I need to see on one screen to get a snapshot of my day – and not just my day *today* but any day I choose, past, present or future. With the built-in PIM in the Blackberry, I found myself missing appointments or forgetting events that were coming up on future dates, as well as having a difficult time managing tasks in any coherent fashion. With PIBB, I am able to manage my day more effectively, including the many events and tasks I have on my schedule.”
  • “Nothing else available for BlackBerry integrates schedules, tasks and contacts in a visually appealing way.”
  • “I’ve been using PIM applications on Macintosh, Windows Mobile, Palm and BlackBerry for years, and Pocket Informant integrates everything I need to manage my day in an easy-to-use package that is with me wherever I go. If you have a BlackBerry, you need Pocket Informant.”General:
  • Registration Key is not locked to your PIM or device. We trust you.
  • Trial version is limited to 10 Appointments, 10 Tasks, and 100 Contacts.
  • Configurable categories with customizable colors/icons, contacts/events/tasks are assignable to none/one/several categories, color/icon coding of categories in all views
  • All items support creating journal entries for them
  • Pocket Informant for BlackBerry can either show alarms itself or delegate this task to the local BlackBerry PIM. If it does it itself additionally to the standard PIM options we have configurable Snooze times.
  • Pocket Informant for BlackBerry can work as a stand alone application and can sync PIM data from the standard BB PIM (contacts/events/tasks sync can be configured individually and performed either automatically or manually)
  • All main UI colors are configurable. This includes current/weekend/weekday colors, header colors, normal/low/high task priority colors etc.Calendar Events:
  • Four views: day (two types: classic and simple), week, month and agenda
  • Common features: Possibility to show tasks, move events/tasks right from the list view, go to today/date menu commands Day View (Classic): Configurable time scale, configurable all-day/tasks event area
  • Week View: Scrolling by week or by day, showing 5/7 days week
  • Month View: Displaying events summary in the calendar, detailed view of the selected day (configurable area), optional ability to navigate events of the currently selected day
  • Agenda View: Displays configurable number of days, optional headers for empty daysTasks:
  • Three views: simple list, tree grouped by status, tree grouped by category
  • All support quick search filtering (optional)
  • moving tasks to a different date
  • Completing tasks
  • Additional filtering by category/status
  • There is a full support for recurring tasks or events. Additionally for recurring tasks there is an option to configure recurrence rules (new date based on due or completion date) globally or on per-task basis.Contacts:
  • One view with quick search filter (optional)
  • Direct calling/SMS/emailing
  • category filtering
  • create event for the contact
  • Viewing/Editing contacts support all standard BB contact fields plus many optional fields which correspond to Outlook contact fieldsConfiguration:
  • Configurable Keyboard shorrtcuts for:
  • Moving to any view
  • Creating new items
  • Moving events/tasks
  • Going to today/next/previous day/week/month
  • Configurable Space (scrolling/selecting) and Back (close app, minimize app, go to the previous view) button actions
  • There are many optional menu commands: delete/edit/move event or task etc. which are configurable from a special Options categorySystem Requirements: BlackBerry OS 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.5, and 4.6 including the BlackBerry Bold

Free Upgrade to 1.01 Release:We released version 1.00 a couple weeks ago and on October 6th we released version 1.01 that improves some sync situations and a few others. It is a free upgrade for all 1.00 users. First sync your PIM, then grab the new release from the links below and install over the existing release.Purchase Pocket Informant for BlackBerry 1.00 | Learn moreDownload a limited FREE trial Desktop Installer | Over the Air Install a limited FREE trial forBlackBerry OS 4.1 | BlackBerry OS 4.2 and above Note2Self 2.00 for iPhone released! Note2Self 2.0 has been the best audio recorder on the Apple App Store now for the last two months and we are very proud of it. Its been selling well and does a really really good job. We have had several iPhone web site operators tell us its their favorite productivity application on the iPhone and we are definitely excited to hear that! And now we are going to up the ante and introduce Note2Self 2.00 for the iPhone.First let me explain what Note2Self is. Its an audio recorder for the iPhone that doesn’t just simply record audio but makes it dead-easy to send those recordings to yourself. That has been our goal from the beginning and its why iLounge reviewed all the audio recorder applications and voted Note2Self the easiest to use. So what else could we do with version 2.00? A lot. And we still have a lot more to do. 2.00 adds the following features:

  • Built-In WiFi Note2Self Server allows you to record and download nearly any size* voice note to your desktop (Mac, PC, Linux)
  • Settings moved into the application itself and redesigned
  • Automatic Pause During Recording when Level goes below user setting
  • Badge Count is now user configurable
  • Support for Landscape mode and rotation (rotation disabled during recording)
  • Awesome new Multi-Note Delete/Send user interface
  • Now offers 3 Default Emails with Contact Pictures for sending email
  • Added ability to specify custom email during initial recording
  • New Volume Bar
  • Pause and Seek through your audio while playing
  • Elapsed time while playing
  • Improved Spanish Localization

Many other improvements throughout the applicationAs you can see we really focused a lot on usability and making recording easier and more powerful. The automatic pause lets you record dication or what not and not have spots of dead air; the new audio scrubber lets you scrub through the audio nice and quickly to get to a spot you need to read. The multi-note delete/send interface is reminiscent of Mail 2.0 on the iPhone and I think we’re the only ones to do that. And the Wifi Server is really nice allowing you to download audio files of any size to your desktop.Note2Self 2.00 is now available at the Apple App Store and are waiting for it to be approved for purchase. Note2Self costs $2.99 USD. Check out the website showing Note2Self in action in QuickTime. Watch the Animated GIF on the right for a small brief glimpse.